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v5.0 Update

Discussion in 'Game Updates' started by Think, September 14, 2016.

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  1. Think

    Think Lead Developer Staff Member

    July 7, 2013
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    Dear players,

    We are releasing game version number 5.0, which includes rebalancing, some cool new features, polishing and quite a few changes, as well as a bit of new content (but just a bit. If you're wondering whether any new dungeon is included in this - it's not!). Of course, and as usual, it also contains a share of bugfixes, consisting mostly of things reported by you.

    Update notes will be available shortly before the update hits, which is estimated to happen on 14th Sep at 15:00 CEST (13:00 GMT). Maintenance should last around ~30m, 1h maximum unless something goes ugly wrong. This time the update notes are a bit different than usual, and in them we go a bit more in depth into why we're making some of the changes we have done, and some other minor commentaries, essentially replacing the highlights we used to do.

    The WoM team.
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  2. Think

    Think Lead Developer Staff Member

    July 7, 2013
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    • Major improvements on the game's RAM consumption by removing memory leaks. This means that the game will not be taking up as much RAM each time you teleport.
    • It is now possible to link Dragon Soul Alchemy items on chat with Alt+LMB like you can do with any other item.
    • Mount movement (horses included):
      • Increased rotation speed.
      • Fixed an issue with the path that the mount takes and which caused it to start circling a point indefinitedly.
      • Raised range for picking up items with your mouse while mounted.
    • Contacts
      • Friends list
        • Removing a friend will now remove you from their friendlist as well.
        • Renaming your character will no longer wipe your friendlist clean.
        • All one-sided friendships have been removed.
      • Blocked list
        • You can now add/remove players to and from a ignore list.
        • Players who are blocked can still send you private messages, but you won't receive them. They will not know that they have been blocked.
        • You won't be able to send messages to players you've blocked.
        • You won't see local chat messages originated from players you've blocked. You will still see call and trade chat messages, however.
    Notes: We're finally expanding Friends to Contacts, with the addition of the much-requested blocked players list! We hope you appreciate the inclusion and we encourage everyone to use it to block players instead of engaging into a verbal fight which will likely end up in some sort of punishment for both of you.
    • Revival changes:
      • Reviving (or spawning) now makes you invulnerable for 5s.
      • Neither monsters nor players will be able attack you until you come out of invulnerability.
      • Attacking other player or casting a skill will take you out invulnerability instantly.
      • Players under invulnerability are visibile the whole time, but dimmer than non-invulnerable players.
      • You can now walk through monsters on this state.
    Notes: With this change we're aiming to reduce the effectivity of camping dead players in order to prevent them from getting their loot or simply from playing. This behaviour does not even give the other player a fair chance of fighting, since they will generally be killed as soon as they revive. While we do not punish players who want to play aggressively against others, this is not a fair fight by any means and a rather frustrating experience for the camped player.
    • Nation War
      • Removed Desert labyrinth passage.
      • Removed monsters from Desert Sanctuary.
    Notes: Considering that the labyrinth was essentially annoying and so were the monsters on a PvP-oriented area, it only made sense to remove them. We would have liked to do some additional changes, but we didn't have time for more on this update. However, we'll be running a contest later today for future new NW maps!
    • Added a new usage for +0, +1, +2, +3 Spirit Stones:
      • The Alchemist will now take them in and try to extract their essence to obtain "Binding Liquid". Depending on the Spirit Stone refine level, the success chance will vary and so will be the amount of Liquid obtained.
      • Combine 100x Binding Liquid to create "Potion of Binding"
        • This potion can be used to increase by 20% the chance of succeeding in insertinging a stone into an item (1 use - 1 stone).
    Notes: It is no secret +0 to +3 stones have little to no value (in most cases, not even picked up). With this update we want to give them some real use, related to the Spirit Stone system itself, but without reducing the value of higher level stones.
    • Town Return Scroll
      • All existing units have been turned into Return Scroll.
      • No longer drops.
      • New item: Home Return Scroll
        • Taking the place of Town Return Scroll, this item will teleport you to your hometown map and save the position you were at.
    Notes: Due to the low usage, as in practice it was equivalent to a Return Scroll + death (and therefore also quite situational), we've decided to convert this item into what we believe is something a bit more useful, and hopefully more valuable as well.
    • OX and Dojang joining:
      • It is now possible to join via the quest scroll.
      • It is no longer possible to join from inside a dungeon.
      • After finishing the event, players will be taken to the place they joined the event from.
    Notes: These changes are mostly aimed at reducing the friction of entering these events, allowing players to quickly return to what they were doing after they finish and avoiding large numbers of players that end up killed en-masse by enemies fishing for Loyalty.
    • Spider Dungeon 2:
      • The level of all spiders inside has been reduced by 10.
      • Slightly raised the health of all the spiders.
      • Mob rank:
        • Claw Venom Spider is now Lv.2 (from Lv.3)
        • Soldier Venom Spider is now Lv.3 (from Lv.4)
        • Red Venom Spider is now Lv.2 (from Lv.3)
      • Slightly reduced gold drop from all the spiders.
    Notes: This level of the spider dungeon ("v2") was ridiculously profitable, giving us a hard time with the game balancing on the levels after that and of course affecting everyone's playing experience. We've taken a stab at the issue by adding a bit of HP to the monsters, to reduce the rate at which they're killed, dropping the mob difficulty level on some of the most common enemies, which influences item drop and gold slightly, reduced the gold dropped from spiders by a bit and, perhaps most importantly, reduced the level of the spiders so that the difference with the low level but very-well-equipped farmers is not as big and there's not such a huge drop rate bonus for them. Don't worry, things still drop and gold is still obtained, just less than before.
    • Dragon Soul Stones:
      • All, except the Rough category, have seen their max. duration increased by 4h.
      • This does not apply to existing stones, only for new ones (levelled up after the update). However, it is possible to reach the new cap by refilling the stone time on the existing ones.
    • Dragon Stone Shards:
      • Now untradable.
      • The base daily Cor Draconis cap has been quintupled, and a bonus based on player level has been added on top of it:
        • Players under Lv.50: No daily cap bonus
        • Level 50-74: +5 daily cap bonus
        • Level 75-94: +15 daily cap bonus
        • Lv.95 and + : +35 daily cap bonus
      • Drop rate tweaked, based on player level. Compared to previous values:
        • Under Lv.50: -20% drop rate
        • Level 50-74: -10% drop rate
        • Level 75-94: Unchanged (drop remains as it was)
        • Lv.95 and + : +15% drop rate
    • Ench. Dragon Stone Shard drop chance doubled.
    Notes: The Dragon Stone Shard system, as it was, relied on players abusing the stone tradability to essentially ignore the daily cap by moving the stones to other characters. This is fundamentally broken, because it forces you to do this if you want to make the best profit. In order to correct this, but still give you room to farm as much as you may need, we've raised the cap and done the balancing per level range that you can see above, with a focus on giving higher levels a bigger edge than before, and comboing with the v2 balance to reduce DSA profitability at lower levels.
    • Kouri Crystal mining:
      • Raised the base chance of obtaining the Kouri Crystal when mining by 10%
      • Reduced cooldown between hits to 30s
    Notes: Often seen as a frustrating quest, we've done these changes to have the mission at a more tolerable difficulty. However, it's still worth remembering that Kouri Crystal mining success chance is heavily reliant on your Mining skill level!
    • Reduced impact of bad luck on runs:
      • Chance of getting an Elite Demon Key will now increase in chance over time as Immortal Ghosts are killed.
      • Razador: The chance of having found the right Golden Cog Wheel will now increase after each invalid one.
    Notes: It is silly that a run can be failed (in the case of Razador) or prolonged for a very long time purely due to bad luck with the RNG, so with these changes we're looking to reduce a bit the random factor for players completing the objectives and therefore tuning down the frustation.
    • Clams:
      • Reduced Clam drop rate slightly.
      • Reduced chance of getting a Blood-Red Pearl.
    Notes: While getting a Clam might feel rewarding, truth is there are way too many on the market. So many, in fact, that the pearl prices are really low and Blood-Red Pearls are even thrown to the floor. We're doing these tweaks to see them gain some value.
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  3. Think

    Think Lead Developer Staff Member

    July 7, 2013
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    More improvements/changes
    We ran out of space on the previous post, but there is more!
    • Using Ctrl+LMB to put items onto storage:
      • Will now autostack them with items already on storage, if possible.
      • Will highlight the item it stacked onto or the slot where your item ended up, until you hover it.
      • The game will automatically switch storage page if needed to always display to you the slot where you item went.
    • Azrael box now drops from level 75 onwards, instead of 80.
    • There's no longer a pony training target above a Fisherman NPC, to avoid confusion.
    • Other players' changes in movement direction are now reported more accurately.
    • Shaolin Stance description now specifies that the last hit is a guaranteed crit against other players.
    • Changed War God Blessing scroll description once again to make the way the item works a bit clearer.
    • Minimap zoom can no longer be changed on DT.
    • Pet name will now be updated on the interface without having to relogin.
    • Blue text in quests will no longer burn your retina and can actually be read.
    • Corrected (raised) Demon's Fan, Dragon Fan, Zodiac Fan attack value on +4.
    • Fixed Dragon God items retaining their effect on Dojang.
    • Readded a missing wall inside Dojang arena.
    • Fixed David's quest with the flowers cancelling if you selected not to cancel and not cancelling when selecting cancel.
    • Fixed Secret Book names for Fatal Strike and Toxic Arrow (they now match the skill name).
    • Fixed an issue that could under certain (rare) circumstances disconnect players.
    • Fixed an issue with refine cost display on your own guild's Alchemist.
    • Fixed room centers on Heaven Lair's 2 displaying underground.
    • Adjusted names and descriptions of the Reset Scrolls in order to match the status point types.
    • Fixed chest / band of oblivion shop search actual prices not matching the displayed ones.
    • Fixed Snakefield ghost shadows.
    • Fixed spawn of metins on Shinsoo's hometown stable.
    • When opening a box and finding gold or experience, the notification doesn't display on chat twice anymore.
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  4. Think

    Think Lead Developer Staff Member

    July 7, 2013
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    You can use this thread to talk about this update.
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