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v5.1 Update

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Dear players,

We'll be releasing game version number 5.1 shortly, fixing a number of issues caused by v5.0, but also including a few changes and improvements, related and not to things from v5.0. Update notes will be available in a few minutes before it starts, at 22:00 CEST (20:00 GMT).

The WoM team.


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Yeah, we're already releasing a new version. Granted, it's smaller than some of the past, but... let's see!
  • Pets
    • Pet loyalty
      • Pet loyalty is gained much faster than before, specially on higher levels.
      • Changing channel and killing the same person again won't work anymore.
      • Players below level 25 won't count towards loyalty.
      • Player kills will only count towards loyalty if the enemy is at most 30 levels below your level.
    • Pet evolution
      • Hitting "Evolve" will now preview the mount resulting from evolving your pet. You will then get a new box to complete or cancel the evolution.
    • Pet devolver (Deo-Jinhwa Scroll)
      • We now sell the pet devolver on the itemshop for Magic Coins.
      • This version (unlike the one we gifted everyone with a pet after the pet changes) is tradable and sellable.
    • Pet experience
      • No longer 1-1 to the experience received by your character.
      • Increases with the enemy's level. Higher level players will see closer to a x2 ratio on player-pet experience.
      • Pets will now receive reduced experience from party members - it will be halved before going to your pet.
        • The kills you perform, even if you're partying with others, will still give your pet full exp.
  • Alchemy
    • Rough Dragon Stones are now tradable again.
    • Raised Dragon Stone Shard drop rates again. They are now: (as compared to pre-v5.0 values)*
      • Under Lv.50: -20% drop rate
      • Level 50-74: +20% drop rate
      • Level 75-94: +40% drop rate
      • Lv.95 and +: Double drop rate
    • Raised the average chance of obtaining a Legendary stone from a Rough stone.
    • It is now possible (but quite rare) to obtain an Ancient stone from upgrading two Cut.
  • Removed Dojang bets.
  • Trying to summon your horse while you're riding it will no longer cost you SP.
  • When creating a Return Scroll, it will now automatically stack to your existing scrolls for those same coordinates.
* We might perform additional tweaks on the future.

  • Fixed a few regressions from the v5.0 update:
    • PvP costumes had lost their special shining effect. It's back!
    • Marriage works again.
    • Difficulty Lv.3 monsters now drop common items again, instead of 1 Yang.
    • Dragon Soul Stones no longer replicate infinitely (visual bug). Sorry!
    • Attempted a fix to monsters randomly rotating on a loop.
    • Restored some lost friendships.
    • Shop search prompt works correctly again.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with quests where they would completely bug out under some circumstances. Yay!
    • Manually fixed those players who were affected by this and could not use the Potion of Binding system.
  • Corrected reward text overlaying on top of story text on Ariyoung's Wedding Ring quest.
  • OX and Dojang will now take the player back to their hometown if the game, for whatever reason, can't determine their point of origin.
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