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v5.2 Update

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  • Inventory autostacking
    • You can now hit a button right near the gold quantity that will stack all items that can be stacked on your inventory, automatically.
  • Mining
    • New Pickaxe enchanting mechanism
      • Deokbae will enchant your pickaxe for a small price.
      • Enchanted pickaxes will prevent monsters from attacking you while you mine.
      • The enchanting has a limited duration (in mining time, it won't expire if you don't use your pickaxe), which is directly correlated to the level of your Mining Skill when you enchant it.
    • Buffed the amount of ores that you will get upon mining
      • There has been a base buff for everyone.
      • Players above Mining Skill G will receive additional ores.
    • Mining Event will no longer be part of our regular event roaster. We might still run it in the future, but on special occasions.
  • Mighty Ice Witch
    • Now spawns anywhere in the map.
    • Now displays an announcement to everyone when killed.
  • It is now possible to Alt+Click items on your shop to link them to the chat.
  • Players will no longer collide with other players or mounts inside safezones.
  • Added Potion of Binding to the shop search.
  • Shops can no longer be created right on top of nor very near to NPCs.
    • Existing shops will automatically be moved a bit further away.
  • It is now possible to change genders from level 10 onwards, instead of 50.
  • Fixed an issue with Dragon Stone Shard drop buff being incorrect - you should be seeing greatly increased drop in general compared to v5.1, except for Lv < 50 players.
  • Fixed incorrect attack value on Dragon Ghost Bell +2.
  • Fixed Yu-Ran's Cake cancel confirmation buttons being reversed.
  • Fixed OX being accessible by low level players from the quest scroll.


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We're pushing a followup update with an update to the autostacking algorithm:
  • No longer touches items on the Belt inventory.
  • No longer rearranges your inventory. Items will be stacked on the first available stack on your inventory, and non-stackable items won't ever see any changes in position.

NOTE: These changes have been postponed until tomorrow/Sunday.
Note about the note: These changes have been unfortunately postponed again a bit later, onto the week, and we'll be shipping them packed with other nice changes. Sorry for the additional delay!
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