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Dear players,

We're planning on releasing the 6.0 update tomorrow at early afternoon (probably around 15:00), should everything go smooth till then, which we expect it to. Downtime will probably be around an hour. Details about the update will be revealed later on, but it mostly includes new content (almost exclusively for endgame!).



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I'm afraid that we are postponing the update to tomorrow morning in the end, as we found a few things to tweak/fix before we release it, and we would not like to launch it on late afternoon, which is the earliest it will be ready at this point. Howeeeever, we will be publishing the update notes later this afternoon, so you can see what all this fuss is about!

Sorry for the little delay!
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Good evening,

As promised, here are the update notes for the 6.0 patch that we will release tomorrow:
  • Dragon Soul Alchemy will no longer be consumed when active if the player is not in battle
    • This works the same as the ores on your equipment's slots (Earrings, Necklace, etc).
      • Whether a player is "In battle" or not therefore follows the same considerations.
You can still disable Alchemy at any time, but this change should really make the system a lot more bearable to deal with, and prevents you from losing charge by mistake. Thank you for the feedback!
  • Power Orb (Archer skill)
    • Cooldown reduced from 60s to 16s.
    • Now deals splash damage instead of single-target
      • Up to 15 enemies affected within its small radius.
    • Skill damage tripled.
      • [Update, Nov 26th] PvM only.
    • Now always crits against monsters.
    • Greatly reduced chance to poison, from a maximum of 100% to a maximum of 15%.
Archer had a problem with his skills on PvM, so we're retooling this one to be AoE and a lot more effective, as well as raising its damage and setting a much faster cooldown, which all in all should compensate for the nerf on poison apply rate on pretty much all ocassions (and said nerf is not even as big as it may first seem, since you can now cast it a lot more regularly).
  • New "Nemere's Depths" dungeon
    • This dungeon is a new style of content. It can only be challenged alone and is balanced for each and every class (and skill path) respectively.
    • Level 105 is required to enter.
    • New mechanics:
      • Inside Nemere Depths reign temperatures not meant for mortals, as such the incredible cold will tear at your life force as you progress through the dungeon. This is indicated by a new blue heat meter displayed floating above your character at all times.
      • Special puzzles
      • A unique final Boss fight with multiple stages.
Some pretty different stuff is coming with this update. We're not going to spoil you all the fun of figuring the dungeon out, but the biggest details are outlaid above. Since there's a tendency from you guys for wanting to solo everything, we're trying this new kind of dungeon out. It's been fun to balance and to design, and we're hoping that you will like it too!
  • New NPC, Insectologist Hann-Zo
    • Likes Insects!
      • Giving him insects will make him like you more, and he will offer you additional items (There are Base, Bronze, Silver, Gold Tiers)
    • Likes Frozen Lotus Flowers.
      • All the items he can offer you will cost you a number of Frozen Lotus Flowers.
Wrapped up in a nice and visual interface, Hann-Zo has a lot of new items to offer to you. Make sure to go to him after a nice run at Nemere Depths, and to assist in him with his requests. All new items from this update are available from him after you treat him well enough. Hint: He has a soft spot for bugs!
  • New item: Angel Wings Blessing
    • Upon use it enchants your character. The enchantment makes it so that the next death blow you receive will fail, and you will instantly regain 50% of your health back. Whenever this happens, the enchantment will be broken, and you will need to consume a new Angel Wings Blessing to reactivate it.
    • It will not save you on duels or Dojang.

  • New item: Seal of Longevity
    • Allows you to refine Spirit Stones (+3 -> +4 / +4 -> +5), but in the event of failure, your stone will not be affected.
    • This item provides an slightly reduced success chance compared to upgrading via Seon-Pyeong.

  • New item: Ring of Frozen Wings
    • This item allows you to teleport to a series of predefined places.
    • Each telelport will use up a charge, charges which can be refilled anytime with Arctic Ring Polish.

  • New equipment (Mix of PvP/PvM):
    • Glacial Necklace
    • Glacial Boots
    • Glacial Bracelet
    • Ice Earrings of Might/Stance/Force/Wind
    • Ice Helmet of Might/Hell/Force/Wind
    • Glacial Armguards, a new type of light shield
    • [New items required for upgrading are also part of this update]

  • [Fix] Dying after having drunk a Potion of Binding will no longer remove its effect.
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Minor patch released today includes:
  • Disabled Polymorphing on Nemere's Depths.
  • The tripled damage from Power Orb is now exclusive to PvM.
  • Fixed a crash related to autostacking items.
  • Fixed incorrect caching of tier items on Insectologist Hann-Zo.


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Today's update brings the following:
  • Nemere's Depths (Overall difficulty increase)
    • Increased in the HP of some monsters
    • Raised amount of metins on Floor -4 to 7
    • Floor 8's Large Heat Core sacrifice
      • Replaced the Frost Lord that spawned with a Warding Knight
      • Fixed being possible doing this more than once
    • Final Nemere fight:
      • The curse cast by Nemere on the final battle will now tick every 4s instead of 5s
      • Doubled the HP of Metin of Death and Metin of Life, reduced the maximum time players have for completing the stage by 10s
      • Fixed Nemere personal week record not overriding correctly
    • Removed all buffs upon entering the dungeon
  • Power Orb (compared to the original Power Orb, since we reverted most of the changes)
    • Slightly increased damage overall
    • Now correctly crits in PvM
    • Arrow Resistance is now effective against it
  • Yonah's Walnut quest will now take players back to Walnut obtention if they lost it in transit
  • Fixed a game crash related to picking up items while trading
  • Localization fixes
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