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Valentine's Day 2019

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Dear players,

...wouldn't it be funny if I used the same event post as last year? CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CT~gets thwapped by a coworker~ ... I tried.

From Valentine's Day onward you'll once again encounter pink coloured monsters that have been made so drunk with love that you have to knock some sense into them!

That's right, while on your mission to collect the Elixir of Harmony for the Cupid you can run into literally any monster that has the charmed debuff on it (which can be identified by a pinkish glowing cloud around them) - hunt those down and get yourself some Harmony to cure a Cupid in need!

You can begin your Valentine's Day mission at the Captain same as before.

...but it doesn't end there! You can also drop Cupid's Arrows from charmed enemies which in turn you can use to have players of the opposite sex go completely head over heels bonkers for you! Doesn't it feel great to make love with other players? It'll feel great for them because every player you get to have a crush on you will be invigorated with a little power boost at random for a short time.

Also along for the ride is a little Valentine's Box event containing sweet EVEN SWEETER refreshing rewards for all of you farming that one item for your special someone. If you get extra lucky, you might even find yourself a suit to literally be that knight in shining armour for your beloved one. (If you're lucky enough to have one... no I'm not bitter.)

Last but not least we're introducing another set of shining knights costumes (this time we added the sexy with a little french, excusez moi!) only available during the Valentine's Day event! Make sure to check it out and buy it to make a lasting impression on your partner.

The event begins on the 14th of February 2019 0:00 CET and ends on the 16th of February 2019 23:59 CET, we've decided to run the event for 3 days this time around so that players who are too busy on Valentine's Day itself (lucky you! and I'm still not bitter I promise!) can still hop in on the fun.

With loving regards,
Your WoM2 Team
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