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Valentine's Day 2021

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Do you have a date on Valentine's Day? Well, I don't know about you, but to me it usually is on the 14th of February.

Now that I've broken the ice with this rather tentative of a joke, let's get into what matters!
This year's Valentine's Day will take place from February 12 at 18:00 CET until February 16 at 18:00 CET.

It's the very first lovers' event in the old continent for the past years, and everyone is eager to spread love or fight for it!

Unlike last year, love is NOT in the air, because what we have in the air is corona oxygen, but that aside, all the natives of the old continent worked together to give a proper look to their villages and incentive the lovely spirit of Valentine's Day.
I wonder which village has the most beautiful environment!

Get yourself some nice clothes for you and your lover! Our Item Mall contains appropriate outfits for a short period of time!
Don't waste this opportunity, even if you are single! Give yourself the chance to meet with someone who just wants your items and Yin!

The Chocolate Creature once again makes his appearance, and turned all Metin Stones into... who would've known Chocolate! Collect as much as you can, and give this guy a lesson if required! It's your chocolate!

Cheating is ugly and disgusting. And so is the Monster of Infidelity!
This creature, despite its fancy and catchy look, tends to attract and cheat on the ones attracted by its charm. Defeat it and get all the Roses you can!

If you wonder what to do with Chocolate and Roses, pay Hong-Hae a visit.
Use chocolate and roses to craft the scroll that invokes the Bear of Love! It cannot be damaged by common weapons, but by the instruments Hong-Hae can provide you.

Look at all of these adorable babies... Dibs on the Lion!
You can get hold of one through the Item Mall or from the Bear of Love!

Seriously, don't simp her, you ain't no match.
Anyway, she will be available to sell you goodies for your farming session, check it out!

Wish you a lovely event, and stay home,
The WoM Team.
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