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Searching for great Video Artist Editors Professionals With Passion

Searching for great Designers and people with huge ideas and dreams

Who would like to join a project of mine about wom2

Skype: martinyouin
You sound like one of those guys trying to get you into selling some sort of energy drink based on network marketing...
No hate but you should definitly specify the payment since any kind of decently done work doesn’t come for free!
I said People With Passion For The Job
Not People with Passion for Money
So basically you want it for free...
I don't want be harsh nor I have anything against you Martin, but since I also work freelance this topic concerns me quite a lot. You should always consider that reaching a certain level of professionalism and skills requires you either to pay for courses or invest a lot of time into self teaching. Especially if you reach a decent level of expertise you do expect something in return for it (time=money, isn't it?), like any other job! And it simply does not imply that someone has no passion for it...
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