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With regards to the removal of out-of-lifespan Items

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Lead Game Designer
Dear players,

with the V18.0 update, a few items have been made without purpose and thus are being cycled out of the game. You will not be able to drop or otherwise obtain any new pieces of the items involved and they can be sold to the NPCs for a price determined by it's sales values prior to running out of lifespan.
We realize that this might come as a shock to some but it's a natural procedure in trying to move the game forward, as to not overload the game with too many items to keep in mind when new ones are added eventually.

Here's the list of items going out-of-lifespan with the V18.0 Update:
  • Orc Amulet
  • Bear Gall
  • Skein
  • Ornamental Hairpin
  • Red Hairband
  • Snake Tail
  • White Tiger Hide
  • Rusty Blade
  • Ornament
  • Worn Out Black Uniform
  • Broken China
  • White Hairband
  • Facial Cream
  • Tiger Hide
  • Shiriken
  • Scorpion Needle
  • Scorpion Tail
  • Flag
  • Bear Foot Skin
  • Snakeskin
  • Wolf Fur+
  • Bear Gall+
  • White Hairband+
  • Worn Out Black Uniform+
  • Shiriken+
  • Orc Amulet+
  • Scorpion Tail+
Please note that only the specific version of these items is out of lifespan, if the + or non+ version if it is not listed here, then it does still serve a purpose in some capacity and is thus not removed.

With regards,
the WoM2 Team
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