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WoM2 Development Plans - Q1 of 2020

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Dear community,

This new year of 2020 just started and, as such, we want to do it right from the beginning. On this thread, you'll see what our goals are for the first quarter of the year, and of course you'll be allowed to input your thoughts, ideas and suggestions afterwards on the discussion thread.
We could go onto the next step already and provide the plans we have for the whole year but... it's risky to aim that big since things might change mid-road.

Player Guidelines
The core concept of the PG System is to introduce our server to those who are not totally used to it, and, at the same time, give somewhat decent rewards upon completing the objectives set.
It consists on a diversified group of missions, followed by different levels of difficulties (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert). Each mission completed will grant the player a reward, but completing them all will reward the user even more!

Note that the image above only has illustrative purposes and may differ from the reality.
Moreover, we are also in process of updating the new introductory missions and also removing all the old, obsolete and totally worthless quests and subquests the game has, keeping a clean, smooth and direct game experience for the newcomer.

Chaos Metins & Treasure Rooms
If you are already familiar with these two babies, you probably know where are they missing. That's right! The Chaos surrounding the Johwan Continent now arises on the Deceitful Forest and the Deungsan Peaks.
You can expect more grinding yes, but also way better results on your farming experience.

General Improvements
Besides the points stated above, it is our intention to hit those unresolved suggestions from their section. Not all of them are feasible currently, though we can hit and meliorate on game-design aspects.

Final Words
You have probably noticed how we did not mention the Fishing update nor the Meadows of Tranquility. The current plans are directed to hit, on a first instance, potential newcomers and the current ones we have playing the server at the moment, as such, we are heading towards those before resuming our tasks on it.
We followed the improvement on the player-count closely, and we don't want people to struggle at the start of the server, before even getting into the real game.

Despite the fact this plan defines the first quarter of the year, this does not mean it will only be released by the end of it. It does not represent either the only things we will address, but these are essentially the ones of more focus. We are addressing and constantly reading the feedback of the content we deliver, seeking for constant and frequent enhancement of our server.

The first piece of this plan aims to sustain the lower levels, while the second: the higher levels.

With love,
The WoM Team.
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