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Dear community,

This new year of 2020 just started and, as such, we want to do it right from the beginning. On this thread, you'll see what our goals are for the first quarter of the year, and of course you'll be allowed to input your thoughts, ideas and suggestions afterwards on the discussion thread.
We could go onto the next step already and provide the plans we have for the whole year but... it's risky to aim that big since things might change mid-road.

Player Guidelines
The core concept of the PG System is to introduce our server to those who are not totally used to it, and, at the same time, give somewhat decent rewards upon completing the objectives set.
It consists on a diversified group of missions, followed by different levels of difficulties (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert). Each mission completed will grant the player a reward, but completing them all will reward the user even more!

Note that the image above only has illustrative purposes and may differ from the reality.
Moreover, we are also in process of updating the new introductory missions and also removing all the old, obsolete and totally worthless quests and subquests the game has, keeping a clean, smooth and direct game experience for the newcomer.

Chaos Metins & Treasure Rooms
If you are already familiar with these two babies, you probably know where are they missing. That's right! The Chaos surrounding the Johwan Continent now arises on the Deceitful Forest and the Deungsan Peaks.
You can expect more grinding yes, but also way better results on your farming experience.

General Improvements
Besides the points stated above, it is our intention to hit those unresolved suggestions from their section. Not all of them are feasible currently, though we can hit and meliorate on game-design aspects.

Final Words
You have probably noticed how we did not mention the Fishing update nor the Meadows of Tranquility. The current plans are directed to hit, on a first instance, potential newcomers and the current ones we have playing the server at the moment, as such, we are heading towards those before resuming our tasks on it.
We followed the improvement on the player-count closely, and we don't want people to struggle at the start of the server, before even getting into the real game.

Despite the fact this plan defines the first quarter of the year, this does not mean it will only be released by the end of it. It does not represent either the only things we will address, but these are essentially the ones of more focus. We are addressing and constantly reading the feedback of the content we deliver, seeking for constant and frequent enhancement of our server.

The first piece of this plan aims to sustain the lower levels, while the second: the higher levels.

With love,
The WoM Team.
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A vast grassland where beasts roam freely and nature's law rules. Composed by a beach and many lakes that, the villagers of the area, use for their fishing activities. Eventually, as they got used to the terrain, a tiny village has been built, so that they can make a living.
It is said, the Fisherman and the Old Alchemist work along and study many of the creatures living underwater. They even discovered some of them can be used to enhance battle gear, yet, not everything is known about this place. Be the one to help to collect more data about this zone.


Yin-Shin, lead warrior of the elite troop of the Meadows of Tranquility army, and former hunter, pays to those offering help. He is, not only, the first soldier owning a Victor's Belt, but also the strongest in the town. However, he is seeking for help in order to protect the outskirts of the village, while he does its part in the core of it.
In return, he is willing to pass the ownership of his surprising treasures that he once collected during his younger days.

When fishing in a map, there may be very rare fish lurking about. However, due to the presence of Natural Predators, so fish that mainly eat these rare fish for sustenance, they resort to hiding in safety. If you manage to hunt enough of these rare fishes' natural predators, you will sense a change in the sea as you're fishing, indicating that you may be able to catch the rare fish for a limited time, before the predators take back their place. Can you find all of the rare fish and their natural predators? Will you be able to catch yourself every single rare fish in your quest through the new areas of the Johwan Continent? We're curious to see how you'll manage.

A natural predator with a stout body and a large mouth. They habitually eat fish, octopuses and crustaceans. Preys can be found in its belly, it quickly putrefies, however, if not maintained on the proper environment.​
A pretty, venomous, fish found at the coast of the Meadows of Tranquility. The potency of their venom makes them excellent predators and hazardous to fishermen.
Essentially used to extract Venom out its glands.​
Deungsan Catfish​
A catfish local to the Deungsan waters. While inedible, its oils can be processed to polishes with unique enhancing properties.​
Golden Deungsan Carp​
A rare golden carp local to the Deungsan waters. It's inedible but can be sold at high amounts of money.​


Despite sharing the same village, the main Dynasties will still not admit defeat against one another. During war time and, in the sense of improving battle prowess and strength, Blacksmiths have been obligated to learn tricks and methods capable to cover their weaknesses.
Then, the Supreme Belts were born. A type of gear capable to resist even the fiercest attack from the strongest fighter.


Rings are not new in the Johwan Continent, but neither common. So far there is not much information related to them, but Alchemists, with the help of brave soldiers, could get hold of pieces of old, broken, rings for them to study.

By definition, Rings are powerful equipables and, because of this, they have a limited lifetime and, once their limit is reached, they shatter. However this event can be avoided.
Not only their lifetime can be restored, but also, as they are upgraded, they may gain the ability to just keep their strength inactive, instead of their normal destruction.

The tables below describe what is known until now:

Dragon God​
Ring of Will Power​
Its properties reach levels beyond perfection and no other special functionalities are given due to its insane power.​
Alraune's Ring, Ring of...​

While rings of the Dragon God class cannot be upgraded, Common rings can, and their properties get improved as well along with the process.
Each grade and level improves the item further and further.

+0 to +2​
3 Days​
+0 to +2​
7 Days​
+0 to +2​
15 Days​


Fear the Queen! - That's Alraune's warriors battle cry!
After conquering the Deceitful Forest, without much hassle, Alraune went berserk and started to elaborate a plan in order to retrieve the area back.
Jotun Thrym, leader of her armed force, and his team will raid the forest to recover what they lost. They hide somewhere in the forest on, what it appears to be, an arena like zone.

This is the very first dungeon that forces teamwork, to be successfully completed. Just like Jotun and his team will do to defeat any upcoming opponents. Initially, the group will be put to a strength test and, then, the main enemy will make his appearance.

Use their own weapons against them. Don't forget where do they come from.
The same old and obsolete schemes won't work. Think it through.
Don't underestimate Alraune Druids and Healers, support is not their only ability.
Everyone has a role and should look after each other. Lack of synergy, could mean failure.
Rescue your mates in danger or they will be forced to retreat from battle.

Should the group succeed to defeat, Jotun Thrym may offer you a... well... rather surprising reward.

More information on this update is to be released within the next days.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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