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WoM2: Odyssey - A path to Aurora

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So, ladies, gentlemen and buff bots, the announcement many have been waiting for is here.
We are proud to announce the very first speed-server in the private Metin2 scene: Odyssey.

What is a speed-server?
Speed-servers are our newest experiment. Past experiences have taught us that, sooner or later, a junction of our servers is going to be necessary. Our most recent experiment with the WoM3 project brought us a rather hard backslash in our legacy due to its no-merge-policy, and we do not intend to let that happen again.

Essentially, speed-servers are easier than the main server, although their characteristics and objectives may differ from time to time. They often acquire new features which are afterwards delivered into Aurora.

What is Odyssey?
Odyssey is a temporary server based on the Aurora code base, whose ineludible fate is to become part of it. In other words, they will be merged in the near future.

Unlike other servers we opened previously, Odyssey is actually easier than its predecessor, and it's planned to last approximately two months. Thereafter, Aurora and Odyssey will become a single server - a server where both veterans and new recruits will have the chance to fight with and against fresh newcomers.

Although essentially based on the main server's code and concept, it comes with new implementations, plenty of modifications and fresh new ideas which will be put to test during its lifespan.

Why open a new server now?
Plenty of reasons. But one of the most important: to keep our project alive.

Even though we hit the 1.000 players mark, WoM2 is an extremely long standing project which means there's little need for most players to make use of the Item Shop at all. Therefore, to simply keep it running endlessly by itself, as desirable as it may sound, could eventually result in downsizing our staff and eventually closing down. The Speed Server concept allows us to provide a fresh start for newcomers while guaranteeing the continuity of the main server for our loyal player base.

Nevertheless, it's not the only ace in our sleeve. We heard a lot of suggestions and ideas; we took notice of plenty of problems and complaints pointed out by the community; and, of course, we also paid attention to what happens and is said beyond of our circle.

We strive to give everyone of the Metin2 community the chance to reach goals they would have never expected to reach. We want to give our players the PvP experience and engagement they need and, moreover, we are ambitious and want to take WoM to the next level.

That said, check the post below for the characteristics of the server and other relevant information.


The Kingdoms
A very controversial and demanded feature ever since the growth of WoM2, after the dynasties.
Shinsoo, Chunjo and Jinno were recovered and the original implementation of the empires is back to the game, starting with Odyssey and delivered afterwards to Aurora.

Guilds & Guild Lands
Not only we will slowly update the Guild System; but we will also change the concept of Guild Lands - which will be exclusively available in Aurora.
We will run Guild events and prize the winners with lands, which you will be able to manage yourselves.

A great Guild Tournament will take place in Aurora, and will reserve one spot for one single guild after the merge. The other two events are yet unknown to the public, but you will soon find out!

Daily Login Bonus System
An addition whose goal is to reward assiduous and casual players to enter the game and play on it!
Once per day, you'll be eligible to acquire an extra item from the system. All you have to do is to complete a tiny task and acquire your prize.

An icon in the form of a gift will appear on the bottom left corner of the game window, where you can see all the information in regards of your current and upcoming rewards. As soon as you complete the quest, this icon will blink to notify that you can redeem your freebie.

If you complete it for five days in a row, you'll be awarded with a streak box which stores even more goodies!

Private Shop System
Activity based time is gone!

From now on, all you'll have to do is to buy Hourglass' Sands from the General Store, drop them from open-world bosses, or even acquire them from fishing, from events and from boxes!

We count with hourglasses of different duration: 1 hour, 4 hours and 16 hours!

There are a lot of dungeons which could be used at their full extent if only they were not limited by missions. The concept, unfortunately, does not apply very well to nowadays gameplay and, as result of that analysis, we have decided to make these questlines optional, for the lore lovers, yet unnecessary to complete to enter or accede certain stages of a dungeon.

That said, the runs we'll fully open are:
  • The Naaga Lair
  • Baroness Breeding Lair
  • Blazing Purgatory

Final Words
In general, you can expect a server with way more facilities than its predecessor. Not only their rates have changed, you will pretty much find a way more intuitive and direct gameplay, which will help players grow their characters up to the top!

Most of the features we mention here are to be put into test on Odyssey, and, if they are well welcomed by the community, they might be brought to Aurora.

The server launch is on the upcoming month of December. And we will release more concrete information about it as we get close by. For now, this is the very first announcement we ever did about it, because we consider our community should be the first one to be aware of this step of ours.

As usual, we expect you to healthily participate in the discussion thread.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.


Hello everyone.
I will carefully try to answer the questions and assumptions produced until now in the discussion thread.

Firstly, this is the very first speed-server we will release - meaning, should it give positive results, we plan to keep the trend and open one every once in a while. For this, and due to our sensible situation, we don't have a lot of room to experiment a lot with it and to end up in failure. Despite the looks, two months is a long time and just enough to put our theories into test, collect intel, enhance the concept and make it better for the next attempt, which may have a longer lifespan.

The reply above implies that there is no way we will not merge Aurora and Odyssey, so don't insist on that bit because it is out of question. But anyhow, and speaking of which, we will introduce specific conditions, players have to meet, to allow the transfer of their Odyssey account. Don't be afraid though, nothing too harsh, neither soft. Obviously we don't want to inject ghost unleveled characters on the main server.

As of the Item Mall. It will be available as soon as we consider Odyssey is stable - until then, it will remain unavailable.
Essentially, and opposed to previous projects, we expect it to be open within the first three to five days; however, we never know! We have quite some experience on the field and we expect people to come and try to damage us as much as they can, which may delay its release - and, of course, we won't let you buy anything without ensuring you can make use of the money you spent.

Lastly, about the difficulty and the entire controversy and unfairness debate. We predict that, at the end of the server, you'll be able to define high level objectives, and, namely, face runs as the Blazing Purgatory, Nemere's Depths and, who knows, start working on the Meley's Lair. Again, I want to remind that there is a limited amount of time for you to develop your characters, so it's not exclusively about how easy or hard the game is - it's also about yourselves.

I hope to have answered the key-points presented until now, and all I can advance, for the time being, is to await for further information.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.


Hello again everyone!

Check WoM - Odyssey Presentation and find out what else is there to come!
The server launch is planned for the 14th of December. We'll let know about the hour as we get close to the date.

You can register yourself already on the website. If you have WoM2 already installed, you don't need anything else - both servers share the same client!

It's possible to notice as well the forum has been restructured to include both Aurora and Odyssey, as they have different categories for the communities.
While on discord, we've performed the same sort of cut. Follow this invite and get started!

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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Hello guys.

I'll take the opportunity we are really close to the server start to leak some more information about Odyssey.

Above all, the server counts with better experience rates, improved respawns, and greater spots and amounts of Metin Stones and Bosses. Doesn't end there however. The default movement speed has been also amplified up to 120 - which will offer everyone a smoother and quicker game experience, especially because you won't have to walk, frustratingly, as a snail.

Apprentice Chests
In the presentation, you'll notice the very first Apprentice Chest provides an entire default set +9, a temporary pet seal, some green and purple potions, red and blue blessings and also a pony.
Every Apprentice Chest up to level 30, provides an armour +9.
Every Apprentice Chest up to level 60, except the level 30 chest, provides two weapons of the respective level +9.
The sum of consumables (such as Researcher's Elixirs, Adders, Changers, Bravery Capes, and many, many more) has also been incremented.

So in the end, you can foresee these boxes will definitely help you through your journey.

We provide a basic horse from the start, though you'll still have to go through the Armed's quest. Fear not, though.
It only requires of 3 Horse Medals, which are relatively easy to obtain, and doesn't ask you to defeat many monsters.

Private Shop System
Following the recent discussions about the Private Shop System, and the reintroduction of the Kingdoms, we've decided to put to test the following concept base:
  • The minimum level to open a Private Shop is 30.
    • Until you reach this level, you won't be permitted to open any private shop, and your exchanges will strictly depend on player<->player interactions.
  • The minimum level to open a Private Shop in a foreign kingdom is 75.
    • Besides a Bundle or Bundle+, you must also pay a fee.
  • Offline time, as stated previously, is acquired through Hourglass' Sands.
    • Hourglass' Sand (1H) can be bought from General Store.
    • Hourglass' Sand (4H) drops from fishing, open world bosses and chaos metin stones of above level 35.
    • Hourglass' Sand (16H) from the Item Mall and/or events.
Real Money Trade
Obviously, RMT is forbidden in Odyssey.

Due to the fact the server is temporary, and because of its abusive nature after the merge, Vote4Coins won't be available in Odyssey.
But don't be upset. There is the Daily Login Bonus System which grants a lot of items, should you be active enough. Just instead of voting, play the game!

The Merge
As opposed to previous merges, we want to make this one as simple as possible. It is our intention to prioritize account, character and guild names from Aurora over Odyssey. And it is also our goal to automate everything, or at least, as much as possible - so nobody will have the trouble to merge them manually.
It is planned to add either a prefix or suffix to all accounts from the new server in the moment they are ported, for example.

We're still planning what to do and how, so we will release clear information as soon as it is fully decided.
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