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WoM3 opening on 19th April

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So, ladies, gentlemen and buff bots, the announcement many have been waiting for is here.

Almost 6 years after the opening of WoM2, henceforth one of the top private servers in the world, which came to redefine and set the standard for international servers, and due to overwhelming popular demand, we are making the official announcement of the next evolution of our project, known as WoM3.

WoM3 is set to open on 19th of April at 18:00 CET.

Why WoM3 and not WoM2 Something? Until now, every server we opened after the original, was following the same code base and content as the original one, with no difference between them other than minor variations in rates and such, and therefore could be and was eventually merged back with the original one. WoM3 will have a few but fundamental differences that would make a later merge impossible.

Characteristics of the game that would have been impossible to change on a live, running server without creating a major disruption to the players such as, for example, the excessive stacking of skill resistances, or the existence of the vouchers, will be altered, something we wanted to do a long time ago. A full list of the changes will be revealed later on.

The current server, Aurora, will continue running as it's been till now, and there will be some changes made to it as well. We are considering turning it into an Easy server or using it for live testing of the updates (by releasing content earlier here), similar to how the Metin2 Korea servers worked back in the day.

You can sign up for the new server at Home Page | WoM3 Global, follow us on Facebook and join us on Discord at WoM3 - Discord Me


The WoM2 Team
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