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WoM's 7th Anniversary

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Warm greetings to our loyal community!

Today is the 5th of April and, believe it or not, it's also the day WoM becomes 7 years old. You read it right, seven!

It's undeniable that time flies, and this event is a perfect opportunity to collect our memories from years gone by and cherish them again. To celebrate what we've accomplished, to raise the bar a little higher and to move on to succeed on every upcoming challenge; to not only fulfill your expectations, but to create for you with the most positive and enjoyable gameplay and experience you ever had,

We started our journey as a small group, but nowadays we are a big family. Not only in numbers but also in talent and creativity; for all the people who have joined our team over the past years is also an important piece of this beautiful puzzle. And, of course, you, community, who've contributed amazing ideas, warmed us up with love and supported us with your loyalty and your positive -and even the negative- criticism, helping us build a project that is a reference worldwide.

We have been through a lot together; this, for sure, is the meaning of teamwork!

Let's celebrate the joys of today, memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow together!
Thank you for your inexhaustible support being the wings that made us fly; and congratulations for all your efforts and accomplishments!

To our dear players, to us, and to WoM: happy birthday!​


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You were the only ones who could have created this amazing work of art that is the game we play daily and that is cherished for it's greatness.
Thank you for all the support, cheers.


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Happy birthday!! As a friend on Discord said, I should be working for you as I defended you on some things...
But what I'm going to say, is serious:
During a long depression, I came back to WoM2, knowing WoM3 was about to die. The same prospect that resurrected WoM2, gave me life. As I lost my scholarship, and the worst year in my life (serious stuff), finally I could focus on something enjoyable and that eventually, got food on my table in these times of scarcity.
So, not only I thank you, but my parents as well.


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well, happy birthday fam.
Now we be waiting for the 10 years anniversary. Congrats to the team for such a good server, updates and things you ve done for us. Although we been through some bad stuff (xd u know what im talking about) you keept this server alive and with a lot of players. GGWP


Damn, it's seems unreal that it has been 7 years already. All the memories from this server, the best I ever played, far superior than any other server either private or official. The server that perfectly keeps the true old-school style we all are in love with, in balance with useful and quality of life updates. Thank you so much to all the members of the WoM2 Team and everyone in the community that contributed to this gaming experience. Happy birthday to the best metin2 game ever!
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