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WoM's 7th Anniversary

Warm greetings to our loyal community!

Today is the 5th of April and, believe it or not, it's also the day WoM becomes 7 years old. You read it right, seven!

It's undeniable that time flies, and this event is a perfect opportunity to collect our memories from years gone by and cherish them again. To celebrate what we've accomplished, to raise the bar a little higher and to move on to succeed on every upcoming challenge; to not only fulfill your expectations, but to create for you with the most positive and enjoyable gameplay and experience you ever had,

We started our journey as a small group, but nowadays we are a big family. Not only in numbers but also in talent and creativity; for all the people who have joined our team over the past years is also an important piece of this beautiful puzzle. And, of course, you, community, who've contributed amazing ideas, warmed us up with love and supported us with your loyalty and your positive -and even the negative- criticism, helping us build a project that is a reference worldwide.

We have been through a lot together; this, for sure, is the meaning of teamwork!

Let's celebrate the joys of today, memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow together!
Thank you for your inexhaustible support being the wings that made...
v20.4 Update

There's something cookin' and in short its about:
-General changes
-Metin Stones
-Heaven Lairs
-Game Settings Overhaul

The update will drop this week. We will specify on the exact date at least a day prior to it.
Get fully informed about upcoming update by clicking on "read more" button below!
v20.3 Update

Dear players,

Rolling out the v20.3 revision of the game containing, mostly, fixes and implementations based on what you suggested. We are very proud and grateful of the massive activity present on that part of the forum and we expect to get even more ideas to make the game better.

The update is expected to be live tomorrow, Thursday, 5th of March.

Lion Sword, Grudge Sword and Bamboo Bell had their stats improved.
Splitting items saves the amount of items split, for a particular item, until the game closes.
Irremovable Experience Ring (1h) and Thief's Glove (2h) can now be unequipped.
A confirmation dialog will appear stating the item will be destroyed in exchange.
Added compatibility with non-stackable items in the crafting window.
For example, upon crafting Advanced Horse Medals, clicking on the Horse Medal icon, on the materials side, will append them automatically into the slots window.

to get more info about this update click to read more...
v20.2 Update
Dear players,

The following update is particularly sensitive, so we are not bringing a lot of content with it. Take a look at the list of fixes however:

PvP Protected players can no longer harm or be harmed by any other in Johwa City.
Replaced Children's Day references to be in pair with the Puzzle Box event.
Military Horse Book is now removed upon acquiring a Kirin Combat Horse.
Reduced the time to get ported back out from the Spider Baroness' lair to 30 seconds.
Fixed Nature's Enchantment erroneous effect on Mages.
It behaves correctly now, providing double the normal effect.
Fixed Lightning Claw's target limitation.
It targets a total of 12 enemies, as it should.
Major rework of the Friends' List.
This is the sensible one. According to our tests, the system is finally OK to be live-tested. It's important to mention that it may fix the problem it has partially, not at all, or fully, so, please, bear in mind this is a test run on an environment crowded of players and results may and will probably differ from ours. We are confident of it, however, we want to observe how it behaves for a couple of days before considering this case (and many others) closed.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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