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Winter Guild Tournament!

Dear Players,

It is time for the most beloved PvP event; The Guild Tournament !!!
At this event players can show their strength and battle tactics to prove they are the best PvP guild !

There will be Four separate Guild Tournaments which will take place in the specified dates at 18:00 CET as it follows:

On 12th December the Low category tournament will begin (LvL 30-59).
On 13th December the Medium category tournament will begin (LvL 60-79).
On 14th December the High category tournament will begin (LvL 80-96).
On 15th December the Ultimate category tournament will begin (LvL 97-110).
Registrations for this event are open from this moment until 11th December at 23:00 CET.

Here are the Rules that you have to read and respect for the tournament:

- The war will be fought under Medium-restrictions mode, 100 points and 30 minutes war.
- Only fight in the middle of the arena at the instructions of the Staff Member responsible for it. get more details, click to read more...!
v19.6 Update

Dear players,

We are running a maintenance tonight around 02:00 CET with an estimated duration of 1 hour. Find out the reason below.

Group buffs
Mages' buffs can now affect all the members of a group.
The caster does not need to target the members individually.
Everyone must be close enough for this to take action.

Alchemy Refinement Window Expansion
Class and Clarity windows had their slots increased to 15.
It is possible to refine more than one Alchemy Stone at once.
This chance does not apply the Strength and Fusion refinements.

... and much more! click to read more about it...
Cyber Monday 2019 = +20% Bonus DC!

Dear Players,

As a follow up on our great deals during Black Friday here it comes Cyber Monday! :party:
Starting on December 1st at 23:59 PM CET until the December 2nd at 23:59 PM CET (whole Monday) any purchase of dragon coins will be rewarded with +20% Bonus DC !
One more chance to grab some goodies for yourself (and your loved ones) during this event!

Good luck and have fun!
The WoM Team
Black Friday 2019 = +30% Bonus DC

Dear Players!

Black Friday is already full of deals world wide, and so, to support this tradition we prepared a DC Sale for you! Every Dragon Coins purchase made from Thursday, Nov 28th 23:59 CET until Friday, Nov 29th 23:59 CET will be rewarded with +30% extra DC! Grab this unique chance to save some $ ;)
P.S. Our ItemShop will also have some other juicy surprises! Stay tuned!

Enjoy, good luck and happy shopping!
The WoM Team
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