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Valentine's Day 2019

Dear players,

...wouldn't it be funny if I used the same event post as last year? CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CT~gets thwapped by a coworker~ ... I tried.

From Valentine's Day onward you'll once again encounter pink coloured monsters that have been made so drunk with love that you have to knock some sense into them!

That's right, while on your mission to collect the Elixir of Harmony for the Cupid you can run into literally any monster that has the charmed debuff on it (which can be identified by a pinkish glowing cloud around them) - hunt those down and get yourself some Harmony to cure a Cupid in need!

You can begin your Valentine's Day mission at the Captain same as before.

...but it doesn't end there! for more info about it click to read more...
v18.0 Update

Dear community,

v18.0 has finally arrived!

The following version is a huge update that will complement and finish Season 2's content.
Enough introduction, let's move on to what's really important!

Chaos Metins
Primal Law Event
The Johwan Training Grounds improvements
Gameplay Adjustments
Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

For more details click to
Winter Sale: +25% DC Bonus!

Dear Players,​

Starting from today 18th January at 23:59 CET we are running our usual DC Sale and will run it for 7 days. All the Dragon Coin purchases made between today 23:59 CET and 25th of January 23:59 CET will be rewarded with +25% more Coins!​

Enjoy and good luck!​
The WoM Team.​
Season 2: Chaos Control - Patch Notes

Season 2 - Chaos Control is finally here!
Today we bring you some new things, among others bugfixes as well that will, hopefully, make your game more interesting, easier and pleasant. Let's get to the point right away, so here's the list:

Updated EXP Curve
Celebrate the Strong
Primal Law
Pet System updates
Shop-related updates
Improvements, UI Enhancements and other minor changes
Bug Fixes

This update will be rolled out in two stages, due to Primal Law being a very extensive content update as well as many things happening at the same time. (Christmas Events, Server Merges, Holiday Season) Stage 2 of the Season 2 update will be rolling out later this season bringing you Chaos Metins with a few more minor changes and updates. A post will detail these at a later date. We wish you all a happy new year and we hope you'll all enjoy that this Season brought for you and that you'll enjoy all the things that will follow shortly after it, cause we can't wait to tell you!

With regards,
The WoM2 Team.

To find more details about Season II click on "read more" to access our full update notes...
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